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Sep 29

October Newsletter/Calendar

Fall is in the air…can you feel it?  The month of October arrives with the best of intentions, what with warm days and cool evenings.  But by the end of October, you will realize that winter isn’t far off.  All the signs are there…the changing weather, the fall colors, the... read more →
Sep 01

September Newsletter/Calendar

Autumn is in the air.  Warm days and cool nights signal the end of summer and the promise of crisp air to come.  The trees are beginning to display their vibrant colors.  Yes, this is my favorite time of year, and the favorite of many.  Notice the words of autumn... read more →
Jul 01

July Newsletter/Calendar

Welcome July!  And as we usher in a new month, we look back at the past six months and wonder, what's next?  Nola and I join our church family in celebrating a couple important milestones in our lives this July.  First, we just made the last payment on the mortgage... read more →
Jun 03

June Newsletter/Calendar

Well, it is June 2020, and I'm asking myself, where did March, April and May disappear to?  The events of the last three months have not only caught the entire world by surprise, but have filled our hearts and our heads with questions we may never completely understand.  Coronavirus, Covid-19,... read more →
May 14

Faith Lab @ Home Virtual VBS

BLAST into summer with an EXPLOSIVE family experience like you’ve never had before. Kingsley UMC is providing families an at-home, parent-led VBS program. Explore the world of science – from building towers to designing boats — while engaging with the Word of God. This year, the fun isn’t just for... read more →
Apr 02

April Newsletter

April has arrived.  Normally I would be staring out my window as the world comes alive once again.  And while the grass is growing once again, the flowers are pushing up through the dirt, and the trees are budding all around me, this April is so vastly different than any... read more →
Mar 04

March Newsletter/Calendar

During the Easter season, the focus of Christians around the world will be on the cross.  The Bible definitely tells us what held Jesus to the cross.  It was not simply nails, though He was nailed to the cross. The Son of God, with power to raise the dead, heal... read more →
Feb 03

February Newsletter/Calendar

Ahhhh, February!  It is the shortest month of the year, and maybe the dreariest.  Cold and gloom prevail, and maybe that is the reason someone decided a long time ago to liven up this otherwise gloomy month with visions of love.  Of course, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Yes, February... read more →
Dec 31

January Newsletter/Calendar

Hard to believe another year has come and gone already. When I pause to think about all the changes we have experienced during this past year, I am amazed at the Grace God offers. As a church and as a community, we have witnessed the passing of several saints, and... read more →
Dec 02

December Newsletter/Calendar

It seems to me that December arrived quicker than usual this year. Perhaps the long, warm fall simply caught me off guard, but I really wasn’t ready for December yet. So much to do and so little time; Christmas shopping, special service preparation, parties and get-togethers all occupy my time... read more →